Our process

We want to know about your priorities to inform how and where to install green stormwater infrastructure in north-central Seattle. Learn more about the steps we have taken and what priorities we are thinking about below.

Our process

Our project team is working on a detailed data analysis of the Study Area to develop a plan for where and how to install green stormwater infrastructure. This analysis included gathering existing data on water, soil, groundwater and more. We then collected our own data throughout the Study Area. We also evaluated how well different types of green stormwater infrastructure would perform on each block and the cost to install and maintain them. We then brainstormed the benefits and challenges of installing green stormwater infrastructure to help us decide how and where to install the facilities.

What are your thoughts on these Green Stormwater Infrastructure Project benefits?

Green stormwater infrastructure can provide more benefits than just removing stormwater. We listed below several other benefits that we consider when choosing how and where to install green stormwater infrastructure.

icon of woman walking with a childProvide traffic calming and safety improvements

To prioritize locations and green stormwater infrastructure that calms traffic and improves safety for walkers, bikers and drivers.

icon of a treeAdd more community amenities and equity opportunities

To prioritize locations and green stormwater infrastructure that increase green space and/or educational opportunities especially in areas where the community’s needs are greatest.

icon of a handshakeWork with other agencies and community groups

To prioritize locations that allow for efficient coordination between King County, other agencies (like Seattle Department of Transportation), and community groups. This effort would ease King County’s access right-of-way, neighborhood projects, save money, reduce community impacts (such as numerous rounds of construction) and provide multiple benefits to the community.

What else are we addressing?

As with any construction project, green stormwater infrastructure has challenges and considerations.

money iconCost effectiveness

To prioritize locations within the Project Study Area to install green stormwater infrastructure facilities that are most cost effective for removing stormwater.

car iconMinimizing loss of parking and traffic changes

To prioritize locations to install green stormwater infrastructure that remove the least amount of parking and retain traffic flow as-is.

tool iconMinimize operations and plant maintenance

All maintenance will be done by King County. To prioritize locations for and plan for green stormwater infrastructure that have the least complicated operations for construction and plant maintenance requirements.