Next steps

People walking on a permeable sidewalk, which resembles a gravel path.

Example of permeable pavement that allows water to flow through the sidewalk. Photo by Marcela Gara, Resource media. Special acknowledgement to WEC, Resource Media and Bullitt Foundation.

Thank you for visiting the University Green Stormwater Infrastructure Project online open house and sharing your feedback.

What happens next?

King County will use feedback received to help inform potential locations for green stormwater infrastructure design work. Early next year we will begin gathering feedback from nearby neighbors and developing designs for installation. Construction could begin as early as 2021, with the project completed by the end of 2023. Visit our webpage and sign up for email updates to stay up to date on the project.

  • Quarter 4 – 2017: Data analysis begins
  • Quarter 4 – 2018: Seek public values on green stormwater infrastructure benefits and challenges
  • Quarter 1 – 2019: Data analysis complete and locations chosen
  • Quarter3 – 2019: Begin designing green stormwater infrastructure projects
  • Quarter 1 – 2021: Complete designs
  • 2021 – 2023: Implementation (bidding for work, selecting a contractor, construction)